SomeKindaWonderful is… Well, Some Kinda Wonderful

Heard this song for the first time on Alt Nation today. Love it. Great voice. Great Lyrics. Great Production. Can’t wait for this to be overplayed on the radio in a few months. Really looking forward to hearing more form this band with the release of their debut album late June.

Wild Cub – Thunder Clatter

I heard an acoustic version of this song on Sirius radio a few days ago and I have been absolutely hooked. I’ve been living in SoCal for a few months now and this is the quintessential – roll your windows down and turn up the music – song for me right now. Wild Cub has found a great balance of raw sounding instruments with great production with this tune. While I initially found the studio version to sound “muddy,” I have quickly learned to love how the instruments blend together and come apart to stand alone.

The Hold Steady- “Spinners”

New music from the Hold Steady, the band that reliably releases quality, honest music for the past 10 years. This isn’t anything new stylistically from the band, but it’s a solid representation of the band and a small joy to get more material.

Tired Pony- “All Things All At Once”

I’m gonna let this song speak for itself.

Heartache Machine

I have been a longtime fan of Matt Hires’ music.  I caught him for the first time this summer while he was on tour with Parachute.  He put on an amazing show to an energetic crowd as he played fan favorites as well as tunes from his 2013 release, This World Won’t Last Forever, But Tonight We can Pretend.  In late January Hires issued this statement on his Facebook, just 5 months after his second full length release on Atlantic Records.

Hey. It’s a new year. Wanna do something new? Me too… This month, I’m going to be parting ways with F-Stop/Atlantic Records and trying my hand at being an independent artist. (gulp) Striking out on my own is a little frightening, for sure, BUT it’s also pretty exciting and freeing. No label. Nobody looking over my shoulder. No expectations. I’ll be able to try new things and be creative in ways that I wasn’t able to before. I’ll be able to release new music whenever I want and work with fans (you?) to give you more of what you want. Sound good? Good.

I want to make this year (and hopefully lots of the years after this one) about you. I know I haven’t always been good at releasing a lot of new music… My bad… I think that’s gonna change. In 2014, my goal is to write my ass off, record my ass off, tour my ass off, and interact my ass off. My ass will be off… for you.

The wheels are turning, and several parts of this plan have already started moving along. TOMORROW, I’m taking some of my new songs into Emissary Studio in Orlando, FL and making sweet, sweet music. Instead of having to wait 6-12 months (or longer) after recording these songs to get them into your ears, I’m going to do it as fast as I possibly can. Seriously, as fast I possibly can. Because I can do whatever I want.

Know what else I want to do? I want to play some shows for you fine people in your own fine cities. I think I’ll do that. How does Spring sound? Sounds good to me.

Hope you’re starting to get the picture. My goal is to release a lot more music this year, maybe do some Google hangouts, maybe put out some new merch, maybe a lot of things. Have any ideas? Let me know. I like ideas. I like you. See you soon.

-Matt Hires

Two days ago I received two copies of his independent album, Heartache Machine.  One was for my personal collection and one was a copy to “pay-it-forward.”  On the ship-to information Matt wrote a little note: “Thanks so much for getting the new music! You’re Awesome.  Seriously.”  I’m here to thank Matt Hires.  This is what music is really about.  Making it and getting it into the fans hands.  Sharing art.  It takes a large set of balls to leave a label and go out on your own.  While it may alleviate some stress for him, he is doing it for the fans.  For music.  I encourage everyone to check out the Florida native, Singer/Songwriters music as well as his live show.  You can stream/download/order Heartache Machine HERE.


“Then I said Matt, You just got to get back to those nights that you sat on the causeway. All you had was six six strings and a heart that beat and you knew that it had to mean something.” – When I Was Young – Matt Hires

iTunes’ Free Download of the Week: 8 April, 2014

Pop song. Free. Not much else to say.

Throwback Thursday- Tenacious D- “Tribute”

no blog needed. you’re welcome.

iTunes’ Free Download of the Week: 1 April, 2014

Light, fun, FREE.

Big Data- Dangerous

The Black Keys release new music- “Fever” (Official Audio)

(Back story) I got into The Black Keys when I was a sophomore in college (circa 2008). One of my hall mates was playing the riff to “10 A.M. Automatic” on his guitar and I asked him what song it was. After going back to my room and listening to their music, I was hooked. I would play their “Attack and Release” album on repeat on my iPod walking around campus with this sense of an incredibly talented rock duo at my fingertips that was  untalked about by anyone I knew. When they came out with “Brothers” and subsequently “El Camino” in 2010 and 2011 and reached high peaks of fame, I was happy for the band, but also feared that they would move into a different direction eventually.

I’m disappointed by this song. After waiting three years for new music by the Black Keys, they release this psychedelic song with less fuzzy guitar riffs and ripping solos but rather more trippy effects. I shouldn’t be surprised though as this is the direction I could see the band heading in with their last two full length efforts. The simple, yet rocking songs like “10 AM Automatic” have been replaced by more experimental songs like the new “Fever”. I recently read a comment on the new song that said Gary Clark Jr. sounds more like the Black Keys than the Black Keys. Maybe that’s true. Maybe that’s why I’ve been listening to more GCJ lately. But what do the Black Keys sound like? After all “10 Am Automatic” was 10 years ago, so maybe this is the new Black Keys. There will be fans who like this direction, and new fans who pick up at this stage in the band’s career. If this new single is any indication, I’d say we’re looking at a more experimental version than their previous music.